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DuraCoat firearm finish was developed by Steve Lauer as a rust inhibitor specifically for firearms.  
Our finisher, Dave, was trained by Mr. Lauer himself in DuraCoat application techniques.
There are a wide variety of colors and patterns available to choose from.  
Use the links above to view them as well as Frequently Asked Questions and pricing information.

We are an FFL (federal firearms license) holder.  This allows us to legally keep your firearm during the refinishing process.  Additionally, if you live outside of the Jacksonville area, we are able to receive shipment of your firearm and return it to you directly anywhere in the US.

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What are the steps used to DuraCoat my gun?

                            1.   Disassemble the firearm

Mossberg Disassembled

                            2.   Degrease the firearm

                            3.   Sandblast the old finish off of the gun

Mossberg Blasted

                            4.   Parkerize the external ferrous parts

                            5.   Apply base coat

Mossberg DuraCoated

                            6.   Apply any additional colors

DuraCoated Mossberg

                            7.   Apply ClearCoat finish

                            8.   Reassemble the firearm

Completed Mossberg

                            9.   Allow three weeks to cure completely

Rhodesian pattern shown

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